Buckles Rings Dees Welded & Unwelded
Eyelets & Washers Swivels/Dog Clips Press Studs
Rivets Jean Buttons Keepers
Rocket Spikes Locks Conchos
Corners Key Case Fittings Chain
Chicago Screws Bag Feet Slides
Plastic Fittings Phone Clips Machines & Dies
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 Buckles     Topˆ
Buckle Sets Clip On Buckles Fashion Buckles Roller Buckles
Skate Buckles Solid Brass Buckles Trophy Buckles Western Buckles
Shoe Buckles Full Buckles    
 Keepers     Topˆ
Fashion Keepers Solid Brass Keepers Wire Keepers Wide Wire Keepers
 Rings     Topˆ
Flat Rings Heavy Rings
(Welded and Unwelded)
Light Rings
(Welded and Unwelded)
Pull apart Key Rings
Solid Brass Rings Split Rings    
 Dees Welded & Unwelded   Topˆ
Heavy Dees Light Dees Solid Brass Dees Unwelded Dees
Welded Dees      
 Eyelets & Washers   Topˆ
Large Eyelets & Washers Small Eyelets & Washers Self Piercing Eyelets  
 Swivels/Dog Clips   Topˆ
Small Clips Medium Clips Large Clips  
 Press Studs     Topˆ
Baby Durables Large Durables Press Buttons Sigma Style
Spring Style Prong Style Small Press Studs  
 Rivets     Topˆ
Bifurcated Rivets Double Capped Rivets Pyramid Rivets Tubular / Self Piercing Rivets
 Jean Buttons / Jean Rivets Topˆ
 Rocket Spikes (Rivet & Screw) Topˆ
Small Spikes Medium Spikes Large Spikes
 Locks - Large range of Bag & handbag locks Topˆ
Magnetic Locks    
 Conchos     Topˆ
Assorted range of conchos
in different styles, colours
& sizes
 Corners     Topˆ
Range of corners in different styles,
colours & sizes
 Key Case Fittings   Topˆ
Key Case Fittings Split Rings Pull apart key Rings
 Chain   Topˆ
Ball Chain Fashion Chain  
 Chicago Screws   Topˆ
Small Screws Medium Screws Large Screws
 Bag Feet   Topˆ
Various sizes Screw in pouch studs  
 Slides   Topˆ
Various sizes and colours    
 Plastic Fittings   Topˆ
Side Release Buckles Tri Slides Keeper & Step lock
Keeper & Step lock    
 Phone Clips   Topˆ
 Machines & Dies     Topˆ
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